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Von Miller draws parallel between Josh Allen and Peyton Manning’s consistency

by Moxieplay

Von Miller‘s had his taste of Super Bowl glory alongside Peyton Manning, and now he’s keeping his fingers crossed for a repeat with Josh Allen. The Buffalo Bills‘ edge rusher recently dropped a comparison that’s got folks buzzing, linking the Hall of Famer with his current QB.

Now, Allen might not have Super Bowl bling yet, nor an MVP under his belt, but there’s a certain something Miller’s spotting that’s got him all excited about Allen’s potential.

During a chit-chat on the Up and Adams show, Miller broke it down: “The guy’s a machine. You know, all those Hall of Fame quarterbacks I’ve been around, they’ve got that gear. Peyton Manning, rain or shine, win or lose, he’d come in and lay it all out there, day in, day out.”

According to Miller’s intel, Allen’s consistency is off the charts. No matter what curveballs life throws, he’s in practice, giving his all. Whether they’ve been on a victory high or a rough low, Allen keeps that work ethic locked in.

This year Allen is not favorite for MVP

That’s the vibe Miller got from Manning, the kind of vibe that helped Manning rack up five MVPs and two Super Bowl triumphs. Now, Allen’s still got some milestones to hit, but don’t be surprised if those boxes get checked off sooner rather than later. And if there’s anyone with a knack for recognizing future Hall of Famers, it’s Miller.

Fast forward to this year, and Allen’s not the preseason MVP favorite. Don’t count him out though – his odds are still solid. Thing is, the MVP race is like a heavyweight showdown. It’s packed with contenders bringing their A-game. Allen’s part of that epic showdown, no doubt. But believe you me, this season’s a battlefield, and he’s got his work cut out.

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