Thursday, September 21, 2023
Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Tyler Lockett reveals details behind unique sponsorship deal with Seahawks

by Moxieplay

As NFL players grow exponentially richer through incredibly high contracts and lucrative sponsorship deals, it made sense that the league would eventually have to make a decision on players holding equity in teams.

It would call into question the fairness of the sport, as well as conflicts of interests, so it came as no surprise that the NFL has prohibited players from holding equity in the teams they play for.

However, one potentially grey area was ignored, and it is one that is already being utilized by Tyler Lockett and the Seattle Seahawks.

The NFL made no rules regarding teams helping a player out with equity in their own personal business, and we’ve now seen Lockett‘s real estate company sign a deal to become an official sponsor of the Seattle Seahawks.

“I kind of brought it up,” Lockett explained.

“I learned the worst thing that can happen is people say no, so I kind of reached out to the Seahawks upstairs on the third floor.

“I talked to them just about the opportunity to be able to do a partnership. I learned about them just throughout the years of me being here. They had one with Windermere and so when I heard that Windermere wasn’t going to do it anymore, I had an opportunity to see if it was possible.”

Lockett believes this is an incentive for players to prepare for retirement

Lockett was grateful to the Seahawks for taking the chance on his company and working with him on the deal, and the wide receiver believes that it is a good move for the organization, and that it helps players prepare for life after football, where they may even start their own businesses.

“Honestly, I think it says a lot about our organization just believing in us, giving us a chance to be able to start our second careers early, being able to find balance,” he concluded.

“I can’t speak for every organization, but I never heard of a lot of organizations even going that extra mile to do stuff to help a player even if it doesn’t help them.”

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