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Steelers OC Matt Canada gets exposed by NFL analytics

by Moxieplay

Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada’s offense has struggled mightily through the first two weeks of the season and NFL analytics just exposed him for how predictable his play calling is.

According to NFL analytics expert Warren Sharp, when Pittsburgh is under center, it runs the ball 90 percent of the time and when the team is in shotgun, it passes over 80 percent of the time.

Those statistics are shocking but certainly explains why the Steelers haven’t had much success on offense. They are continually tipping their hand to opposing teams.

Sharp added that Pittsburgh’s offense generates just 0.4 points per minute of possession.

“To equate that to scoring a touchdown, they would need to have the ball for 18 and a half minutes just to score the equivalent of one touchdown,” Sharp said. “And only 52 percent of their first downs lead to another first down.”

The Steelers offense is the second-worst in yards per game (247) and seventh-worst in points per game (16.5) after two weeks.

Second year QB Kenny Pickett has missed some throws as well, which only adds to the offensive woes. However, Canada deserves a large portion of the blame, and it feels as though everyone but head coach Mike Tomlin agrees.

During Pittsburgh’s Week 2 matchup against the Browns, loud chants of “fire Canada” echoed throughout the stadium. Tomlin’s answer when asked about the chants was quite underwhelming.

“I appreciate their passion,” Tomlin told reporters. “This is a sport entertainment business. It is our job to win and thus entertain them.”

The Steelers have a favorable matchup in Week 3 against the Las Vegas Raiders, who’ve allowed the 11th-most yards per game (355) and seventh-most points per game (27). If they continue to struggle on offense, the team must consider moving on from Canada.

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