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Seahawks’ DK Metcalf’s cheap shot outrages fans and sparks calls for a suspension

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One of the least popular men in NFL right now is Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf, after a particularly nasty piece of play against the Los Angeles Rams.

It was the season opener for the Seahawks and it became very clear that Metcalf was struggling to cope with the pressure in the fourth quarter.

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He appeared to bowl Rams cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon to the floor, with the play being nowhere near the duo.

It was unnecessary and led to a 15-yard taunting penalty for the Seahawks. They subsequently surrendered two sacks on the following plays and were forced to punt the ball away with just over three minutes left on the clock, ultimately losing the game 30-13.

Fans react to DK Metcalf’s dirty play

As you might expect, many fans were very quick to head to social media and share their anger towards Metcalf who became public enemy number one for the evening.

Many valid questions were asked such as “What was the context of this?”, whilst one fan simply said “Ban him”.

Even those who regard themselves of fans of Metcalf couldn’t understand why he chose to take that course of action.

“I like DK, but that was a straight cheap shot, and he should’ve been ejected,” said one fan.

Another common theme was people thinking this is not out of character at all for Metcalf.

“A cheap shot from Metcalf? I’ve never seen that before,” one fan stated, ironically.

“Cheap shot specialist, fine on the way,” added another.

There were a number of calls for Metcalf to be handed a suspension by the authorities for the bodycheck.

“That should be a one game suspension,” said one fan.

We’ll have to wait to see if the NFL does decide to take any further action against the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver.

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