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Rumors suggest NFC team will go after Bill Belichick this off-season

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In an unexpected twist in the NFL’s rumor mill, there’s increasing speculation regarding a potential seismic shift within the league’s coaching ranks. As per rumors circulating within the league, as originally hinted by Mike Florio of PFT, there’s a possibility that the Washington Commanders might be in the pursuit of none other than the New England Patriots’ stalwart, coach Bill Belichick, come 2024.

Why The Commanders?

Recently, the Commanders have been under the spotlight, making headline-worthy moves with the trades of defensive ends Chase Young and Montez Sweat. This could be interpreted as a strategic restructuring under their new owner, Josh Harris. But why would they target Belichick? Bringing in a coach of his caliber can potentially reinvigorate the team’s ambitions and direction.

While the Commanders get a legendary coach, what’s in it for the Patriots? It could provide the Patriots with an elegant solution to a forthcoming transition. Instead of an awkward departure or a forced retirement, the Patriots could stand to gain valuable compensation, echoing back to the deal they struck with the Jets in the acquisition of Belichick back in 2000.

How would this deal work?

For those unfamiliar with NFL team-coach trades, the procedure is more common than one might think. A team can, in theory, approach another for its head coach, discuss compensation, and if an agreement is met on both sides, can then negotiate terms directly with the coach in question.

What’s the real story here?

It’s essential to differentiate between speculation and confirmed news. While this has been a topic of discussion among league insiders, no official statement or indication has come forth from either team. Additionally, the Commanders would need to undertake a standard search process, ensuring adherence to the Rooney Rule, before making any moves. This means that even if they do have an interest in Belichick, they cannot directly jump to negotiations.

Recent reports surrounding Belichick‘s lucrative multi-year contract with the Patriots can be perceived in different lights, depending on the perspective. While some might see it as a way to quell rumors of his potential firing, others might interpret it as a strategic leak by the Patriots, signaling to other teams that acquiring Belichick would come with its fair share of demands.

In conclusion, while the prospect of Belichick making a move from the Patriots to the Commanders is thrilling for fans and pundits alike, it remains a topic with not much substance. Only time will tell how these rumors play out in the wild world of the NFL.

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