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Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Reporter claims NFL wanted to resume the Buffalo Bills-Cincinnati Bengals game after Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest

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In a ‘bombshell’ lawsuit against the NFL, former employee Jim Trotter has brought forward explosive allegations, including the shocking claim that the league sought to resume the Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals game after Damar Hamlin’son-field cardiac arrest, an incident that had sent shockwaves through the NFL community.

Trotter, a Hall of Fame reporter with a storied career in sports journalism, has not minced words in his lawsuit. Among the multitude of allegations he levels against the NFL and various team owners, one particularly concerning claim has surfaced: the NFL allegedly silenced his efforts to report that the league had given directives to resume the game following Hamlin’s harrowing medical emergency., who has been closely following the unfolding lawsuit, notes that Trotter’s legal action asserts that the NFL played a substantial role in the decision-making process that led to the ill-fated attempt to restart the game. This counters previous reports that had suggested the on-field officials were primarily responsible for encouraging players to continue before ultimately canceling the game.

Jim Trotter is no stranger to controversy in the NFL

Paragraph 162 of the complaint provides a damning insight, stating, “This directive was uncovered by several reporters and was widely reported in the media in the days that followed. However, the NFL staunchly denied these claims, as reflected in the various articles. Mr. Trotter, for his part, investigated further. He received confirmation from multiple sources refuting the NFL’s version and its denial.”

Trotter alleges that he reached out to Brian McCarthy, the NFL’s Vice President of Communications, for comment. However, McCarthy reportedly not only denied the allegations but also refused to arrange an interview with the unnamed NFL employee who had informed the teams about the decision to resume the game.

In a deeply troubling twist, Trotter claims that McCarthy went further, issuing a veiled threat by mentioning contacting Trotter’s supervisor. Despite this, Trotter remained steadfast in his pursuit of the truth, asserting that he was simply doing his job.

As the drama unfolded, Trotter received a text from Todd Sperry, NFL Network’s executive editor, urging him to “stand down.” Trotter’s request for clarification on a journalist’s role in seeking facts was met with silence.

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