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Prescott extension talk, giving McCarthy credit

by Moxieplay

It’s good to be Dak Prescott right now. The Cowboys quarterback who’s riding a five-game win streak is also now the betting favorite to win the league MVP award, and his boss is already talking about how to rearrange massive piles of money to pay him. Being Mike McCarthy right now wouldn’t be too bad either; he’s got the team in excellent shape, both in stats and in the NFC playoff picture.

Meanwhile, we’re still celebrating Sunday’s fireworks show against Philly with a look at what nearly transpired on that unfortunate strip-sack, a theory about how McCarthy may have tested the Eagles defense early, how far Brandon Aubrey says he could have knocked in those field goals from, and what it all sounded like on the Dallas sideline. We’ve also got news on where in the world the NFL will go next, what new business Jason Garrett is getting into, and how the University of Colorado will be spreading Coach Prime’s lessons beyond the football field. All that, plus the upcoming postseason will be missing one of its legendary voices for the first time in a long time, right here in News and Notes.

The Cowboys are scheduled to spend an NFL-high $67.6 million on quarterbacks next season. The team could restructure the final year of Prescott’s deal to lessen his whopping $59.4 million salary cap impact. “This is sensitive in that it does involve moving around assets,” Jones said. “That’s not Dak causing that, that’s just what happens. … We know there’s going to be [restructuring]. You can’t have it all. It’s going to be some adjustments to get it done.”

Prescott moved past 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy and into the role of consensus MVP favorite after leading the Cowboys to Sunday’s impressive win. It’s been a quick rise up the leaderboard; Prescott entered Week 10 at 60-1 to win MVP at ESPN BET, behind 11 other players. On Monday, Prescott was the favorite for the first time this season at +160.

The Cowboys coach is looking at this stretch of tough late-season opponents as playoff prep. Going to Orchard Park in December is the kind of “opportunity to win and grow” that will pay dividends, he says. “Your team has to be able to be built to go win anywhere.” The stakes will be high on Sunday: Dallas basically has to win out for any chance at the NFC’s No. 1 seed; the Bills basically have to win out just to secure their spot in the tournament.

With the win Sunday, McCarthy clinched a third consecutive double-digit win season. That hasn’t happened in Dallas since the end of the 90s’ dynasty. If he gets a couple more wins in the four remaining games, it’ll be three 12-win seasons in a row — that last happened from 1992 through 1995 when the Cowboys won 13, 12, 12, and 12 consecutive regular-season games. And McCarthy the play-caller has made Dallas the top scoring offense in the NFL, the only team scoring more than 30 points per game (32.4), and top-five in yards per game, passing yards per game, and third-down conversions. So much for the hot seat.

The Cowboys currently sit in the No. 2 seed for the postseason, but are in a precarious spot nonetheless. They could actually win the rest of their games and still lose the division crown due to tiebreakers; they need help in the form of another Eagles loss. And there’s also still a path to the top seed and a first-round bye.

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