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Lamar Jackson’s Slim Down: How Shedding Pounds is Boosting His Game

by Moxieplay

Lamar Jackson’s weight loss has been the buzz of the NFL lately. Two weeks ago, Jackson announced that he had slimmed down after being a bit bulkier in the past two seasons. Since then, everyone’s been talking about it.

After organized team activities, Jackson explained why losing weight was important for him. “I’m at two-something right now. I’ll just say it was important enough that I can move around a little bit extra, that’s all… Just so I can be more agile. Be able to move more. That’s all.”

Right now, Jackson’s weight is between 200-209 pounds. But he doesn’t have a specific target weight in mind. He just knows he doesn’t want to be over 230 pounds.

So, does a slimmer Jackson mean a faster, more agile Jackson? According to him, absolutely.

“Heck yeah. I feel great,” Jackson said. “It feels great to be back out here with my guys. Grinding, getting better. I feel great.”

Jackson’s confidence was clear after practice. He looked and sounded like he was in top shape. He even said he hasn’t felt this good in years.

“It’s been so long. We had COVID and stuff happen to us. Slowed it down a little, but I feel great right now,” Jackson said.

Some people worry that Jackson might be too slim to handle the hits during a long season. But Jackson doesn’t think losing weight is a problem.

“We sacrifice our [bodies] each and every game—practices,” Jackson said. “I believe it really doesn’t matter about the weight.”

Jackson is ready to prove that his new, lighter self is just what he needs to be at his best this season. Let’s cheer him on and see what he can do!

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