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Lamar Jackson in a hurry to win as he realizes he’s no Benjamin Button

by Moxieplay
Tom Brady says he has been a fan of Lamar Jackson since he was in high schoolInstagram

With a knack for eluding defenses and extending plays, Jackson’s agility makes him a formidable opponent. However, despite his regular-season brilliance, his playoff record is less illustrious, standing at 1-3 with seven turnovers in three appearances.

Wants to win now

Now, as the Ravens secure the No. 1 seed again and gear up to face the Houston Texans in the playoffs, Jackson recognizes the urgency to seize this opportunity for a championship.

“I remember coming into the building with all of those guys,” Jackson said.

“Now, it’s just like me, Gus [Edwards] and Mark [Andrews]. We had so many guys. It was incredible, man. They’re all around the league right now and we’re not in the same locker room anymore. It’s crazy.

“It made me sit back and realize, ‘Damn, I’m getting older. I’ve got to get a championship now.’ That’s one of the reasons I’m stressing that I need to win it. I’m not getting any younger. It’s best to win it now.”

Only a small percentage of players prioritize winning, with financial gains often taking precedence. Jackson, having secured a substantial 5-year, $260 million contract, faces the challenge of maintaining his competitive edge in the pursuit of victory, realizing that time is of the essence.

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