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Icy Hit: Mahomes Plays On with Broken Helmet

by Moxieplay

In the freezing cold of the fourth-coldest NFL game, things got pretty wild during Saturday’s playoff in Kansas City. With a kickoff temperature of minus-4 degrees, some unusual stuff went down: water turning into ice, icicles on Andy Reid’s mustache, and a bizarre incident with Patrick Mahomes.

During a second-and-7 play, Mahomes, facing pressure, sprinted, only to be hit hard by Dolphins safety DeShon Elliott. The collision led to a portion of Mahomes’ helmet shattering in the frigid cold. Despite the helmet damage, Mahomes, unaware initially, insisted on staying in the game, marking an unusual turn of events in the icy showdown. The aftermath raised eyebrows, as Mahomes remained on the field without a helmet replacement, and the hit went unflagged for a helmet-to-helmet contact, defying expectations and contributing to the Chiefs’ eventual victory with a Butker field goal.

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