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Garrett Wilson lashes out against MetLife turf, calls it ‘garbage’

by Moxieplay

Another voice has joined the swarm of NFL players expressing concerns over MetLife Stadium’s playing surface. Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson didn’t mince his words, labeling the turf as “garbage” during a conversation with reporters after a game against the Eagles.

The incident sparking the most batch of criticism was Wilson’s own brush with what looked to be a non-contact lower-body injury during the match. Thankfully, Wilson managed to bounce back, rejoining the game later and assuring reporters that he was alright.

MetLife has received league-wide criticism

MetLife Stadium, the home ground for both the New York Giants and Jets, has frequently been a bone of contention among NFL players. Despite a new synthetic turf being rolled out this offseason, the criticism hasn’t subsided. The primary preference among most players leans towards natural grass, noting that turf is a much more injury prone surface.

However, the decision to favor turf doesn’t solely revolve around sports. Stadium owners often favor synthetic surfaces, citing their versatility. Turf fields tend to be more adaptable for hosting a variety of events, from concerts to exhibitions, serving as potential revenue streams.

But as the 2023 NFL season unfolds, it’s becoming evident that players are no longer willing to stay silent. Their increasing vocalization about the potential hazards of artificial turfs has turned this into a controversial issue. The main question now remains: Will the mounting player concerns be enough to persuade stadium owners or the NFL to reconsider their choices?

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