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Fans Outraged by Sky-High Ticket Prices for Browns vs. Cowboys Home Opener

by Moxieplay

Dallas Cowboys had an impressive undefeated home record last season, but their playoff run was cut short by the Green Bay Packers led by Jordan Love. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns finished with an 11-6 record, proving they were also a force to be reckoned with.

Now, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam seems to be capitalizing on the Cowboys’ previous home success by setting ticket prices for the Browns’ home opener against the Cowboys at a staggering rate. One fan pointed out on X that the prices have been officially posted ahead of the NFL schedule reveal and they are “crazy.” The cheapest opening day ticket is going for over $200, which is significantly higher than the average opening day price in the NFL, typically ranging from $50 to $150.

The post also highlighted that club-level seats for the game range from $600 to $1400, leaving some fans feeling ripped off. One fan expressed their frustration by saying, “Dude, the couch is finna be the spot this year, lol,” indicating that they may opt to watch the game from the comfort of their home instead of paying high ticket prices.

Another fan speculated on the reason behind the steep hike in ticket prices, suggesting that it could be due to the game being the first called by legendary quarterback Tom Brady on his Fox deal. They noted that “the prices went up $120+” after the announcement of Brady’s involvement.

Fans React to “Insane” Ticket Prices for the Game

The high ticket prices for the Browns-Cowboys game have clearly sparked a wave of disappointment and frustration among fans. It’s evident that many are feeling priced out of attending the game and are considering alternative ways to enjoy the NFL season.

In light of this, it’s clear that fans are not happy with the current ticket pricing for this highly anticipated game. The significant increase in prices compared to the average opening day cost in the NFL has left many feeling like they are being taken advantage of. Whether it’s due to the previous success of the Cowboys or the buzz surrounding Tom Brady’s involvement, one thing is for sure – fans are not pleased with the current state of ticket prices for this game.

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