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Derek Carr’s unenviable NFL path: Could he be the first QB to suffer loss from 31 teams?

by Moxieplay

In the vast landscape of the NFL, where competition and history intersect, a peculiar record looms on the horizon, and New Orleans Saints quarterback Derek Carr is at the center of it. The NFL’s 32 teams have seen battles waged by countless quarterbacks, yet remarkably, no quarterback has suffered defeat at the hands of all of them. However, Carr’s journey could rewrite that narrative this year.

Since his debut in 2014, Carr has faced off against 30 of the league’s 32 teams, leaving only two unconquered territories. This season presents the possibility that Carr might etch his name in history as the first quarterback to lose to 31 different teams.

While Carr shares a unique spot with eight other quarterbacks who have tasted defeat from 30 distinct teams, he stands alone among the active players who could potentially breach the 31-team mark in 2023.

What teams hasn’t Carr lost to?

Panthers: Transplanted to the NFC South, Carr will go head-to-head against the Panthers twice in 2023. Should he stumble in either encounter, he would etch his name in the annals of history as the inaugural quarterback to face defeat from 31 teams. The Saints’ schedule places them against the Panthers on the road in Week 2 and again at home in Week 14.

Raiders: Notably, the Saints won’t cross paths with the Las Vegas Raiders during the regular season. However, Carr’s potential journey towards defeat from all 32 teams takes an intriguing twist. To lose to all 32, Carr would need to first yield to the Panthers and then, quite astonishingly, fall to his former team, the Raiders. The only conceivable scenario for this would be a showdown in the Super Bowl. Carr clashing with his ex-team during a Super Bowl held in Las Vegas would indeed be an electrifying finale.

If Carr scripts history by closing the season with defeat from 31 teams, the silver lining rests in the potential ephemeral nature of the record. Aaron Rodgers, with 28 different teams on his record, could potentially inch closer to 30 if he faces losses against the Browns and Raiders this year.

Russell Wilson, having tasted defeat from 27 teams, could similarly ascend to 30 with potential losses against the Browns, Texans, and Jets by year’s end. If these scenarios materialize, the stage could be set for Wilson or Rodgers to approach the coveted 31-team milestone in 2024.

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