Thursday, September 21, 2023
Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Dan Snyder is willing to sell the Commanders to Jeff Bezos despite owning the Washington Post

by Moxieplay

As the NFL offseason enters the peak of the draft process, the sale of the Washington Commanders continues to be a topic of discussion, specially after two huge developments took place today regarding potential buyers for the franchise.

According to Charles Gasparino, the Washington Commanders owner is willing to sell the team to Jeff Bezos despite previous reports that he wasn’t willing to do so in response to the Washington Post’s coverage of his tenure as the franchise’s owner.

Gasparino is also reporting that a representative of Jeff Bezos and a representative of Daniel Snyder have met, with Snyder now accepting that Bezos isn’t the editor of the Washington Post, rather than just the owner of the paper.

Magic Johnson hopes that his bid to buy the Commanders is succesful

Earvin “Magic” Johnson appeared on the Today show to talk about the bid he and a group of investors led by Josh Harris and Mitchell Rales, placed to buy the Washington Commanders, adding that he hopes that Dan Snyder, the owner oof the franchise finds it appealing, giving another minority person like himself, an opportunity of owning an NFL team.

“Magic” explained that he wants to bring a Super Bowl ring to the franchise as he’s brought success to other teams he’s invested in the past.

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