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Cleveland Browns sign Kareem Hunt to one-year deal following Chubb’s injury

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In a swift response to the loss of star running back Nick Chubb, the Cleveland Browns have secured the return of Kareem Hunt on a one-year contract worth up to $4 million, according to insider reports by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero. Hunt, who spent the past four years with the Browns, emerged as a natural choice to bolster the team’s running back arsenal after Chubb’s season-ending knee injury.

The move was orchestrated just days after Chubb’s unfortunate injury, illustrating the Browns’ proactive approach to fortify their roster. Hunt, residing in Northeast Ohio, remained a plausible candidate for a reunion due to his familiarity with the team and the region. He showcased his skills during a tryout on Tuesday, culminating in the one-year deal.

The Browns, facing a significant gap in their running back lineup, turned to Hunt, who had an impressive 468 yards rushing in the previous season. This signing was an essential step in mitigating the absence of Chubb, reaffirming the Browns’ commitment to maintaining a competitive running game. As Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski acknowledged, “You don’t, as you know, replace Nick Chubb.”

Kareem Hunt‘s return comes with a measure of continuity and experience, having previously been a vital part of the Browns’ offensive lineup. Despite facing some challenges, Hunt’s past performance and familiarity with the team make him a valuable addition to the backfield, set to support emerging star Jerome Ford.

Hunt will earn $4 million for one year

With the deal now confirmed, the Browns look to Hunt to play a pivotal role as the No. 2 back behind Ford, stepping into Chubb’s considerable shoes. Hunt’s track record, both in Cleveland and previously with the Kansas City Chiefs, positions him as a seasoned player capable of contributing to the team’s offensive strategies.

In giving Hunt a second chance, the Browns acknowledge his growth and potential, making a calculated decision to strengthen their running game for the remainder of the season. As the Browns face a challenging period following Chubb’s injury, they remain determined to adapt and sustain their competitiveness on the field.

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