Thursday, September 21, 2023
Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Cincinnati Bengals offer new health update on quarterback Joe Burrow: Will he play soon?

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When Joe Burrow fell injured with what seemed like a serious calf problem, many feared he wouldn’t make it in time for the Cincinnati Bengals‘ season opening game against the Cleveland Browns. Now that a few days have passed and the injury was scanned properly, doctors offered an encouraging update on it. According to ESPN‘s Jeremy Fowler, Joe Burrow might recover in due time for the season opener without a problem. The injury he picked up is a calf strain that will take much less time to heal than previously anticipated. Initially, it seemed like Joe Burrow picked up the injury on his own and it looked pretty serious. Fortunately, that is not the case and we have more details about the recovery.

Will Joe Burrow be 100% recovered by Week 1?

When the injury initially took place, coach Zac Taylor seemed pretty adamant that Joe Burrow ouwld take several weeks to recover from this injury. He initially indicated that we wouldn’t see the QB returning to action for several weeks. This injury was initially picked up on July 27, we are now on August 15 and we seem to be on our way to a full recovery before the expected timeline. Joe Burrow was recently on the sidelines of the pre-season game between the Bengals and the Packers. He was helping the coaches at all time while wearing a headset to communicate with the rest of the coaching staff. For the Bengals, simply having Joe Burrow supporting them is essential for them to feel motivated.

The issue here is that other Concinnati Bengals’ QBs struggled without Joe Burrow during the pre-season opener. It is quite clear how important he is to the squad as we saw the team perform against Green Bay last week. The entire dynamic will change as soon as Joe Burrow comes back to activity because the team needs hi for Week 1. Also, this quick recovery plays into the potentially massive player extension Joe Burrow is already eligible for. Some of his teammates don’t want him risking that extension by playing against the Cleveland Browns, they consider he needs to sit for that game and then return for Week 2. But will Joe Burrow listen to his teammates’ suggestions?

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