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Broncos’ Coach Sean Payton remains unfazed by Russell Wilson’s slow start

by Moxieplay

The Denver Broncos find themselves in a familiar position as they enter training camp this year. A first-year head coach, Sean Payton, has taken the reins, bringing in a new offense and revamping the offensive line. However, veteran quarterback Russell Wilson‘s performance has left much to be desired during the first week of camp, raising concerns among fans and analysts alike.

The deja vu is evident as Wilson faced similar challenges last year, but those were attributed to the presence of a first-time head coach, Nathaniel Hackett. Wilson’s consistency and ability to stay within the system were considered the secret to his past successes. However, under Sean Payton’s guidance, things seem a bit different. Wilson has been encouraged to run more during training camp to simulate real-game situations, but his passing game lacks the much-needed consistency. His struggles were highlighted by three consecutive interceptions, with Justin Simmons proving to be a thorn in his side.

One might argue that it’s still early in August, and there’s ample time for Wilson to find his groove before the season opener against the Raiders on September 10. However, last year’s training camp slump has cast doubt on such optimistic views. Wilson’s completion percentage plummeted to a career-low of 60.2%, and he managed only 16 touchdowns throughout the season.

The arrival of Sean Payton brought with it a sense of hope and expectation that he would tailor the offense to suit Wilson’s strengths and lead to a resurgence. Payton, a proven offensive genius, relies on statistics and practical application rather than just drawing up plays on a whiteboard. The analogy Payton used was simple but resonated deeply with the team – just like choosing familiar songs that fit your voice at a karaoke bar.

Broncos strive for offensive balance as Coach Payton takes a patient approach

As the calendar flips, it’s clear that this process is a work in progress. The recent red zone drills showcased some improvement from Wilson, with successful scrambles and a 10-yard connection to Courtland Sutton. However, there were still glaring issues, and the final attempt ended with an interception by nickelback K’Waun Williams.

Coach Payton, ever the observer, remained calm and focused on the bigger picture. He acknowledged that this is still the installation phase of the offense and certain plays might not yet fit perfectly with the team’s game plan against Denver’s defense.

While Payton’s reasoning is sound, seeing Wilson throw interceptions remains a cause for concern. The key to success for this offense lies in achieving a balance between running and passing. Payton emphasized the importance of a strong ground attack, particularly in the red zone, to take pressure off Wilson and create better opportunities through the air. The absence of a running game during the recent red zone drills may have contributed to some of the passing struggles.

Right tackle Mike McGlinchey echoed the same sentiments, emphasizing that a successful football team is built on a strong running game and efficient third-down conversions. He expressed confidence in the team’s running backs and the offensive line’s ability to execute the run game effectively.

As the first week of training camp concludes, it’s clear that running the football might be the core identity of this Broncos offense. However, they cannot ignore the pressing need to improve the passing game. Coach Payton and Russell Wilson have their work cut out for them as they continue to build chemistry and refine the offense ahead of the upcoming season. Broncos fans are undoubtedly hopeful that Payton’s smarts and Wilson’s veteran experience will eventually lead to a formidable and balanced attack on the field.

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