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Aaron Rodgers humiliates Jihad Ward during a ‘Hard Knocks’ Jets vs Giants game

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New York Jets‘ QB Aaron Rodgers is already plunging deep into the citi rivalry against the Giants and he even made LB Jihad Ward famous with a ruthless diss. It all happened during Saturday’s snap in which Rodgers made his touchdown debut with a pass to Garrett Wilson. But that happened in part because Ward was getting on Rodgers’ toes a little too much. After releasing the ball, the etiquette rule is that linebackers don’t get too close to the QB. But Ward had other plans, he wanted to get on Aaron Rodgers‘ face and he poked the bear as a result. Rodgers has been around for nearly two decades in this game, he knows how to respond to pressure or disrespect.

Rodgers: ‘I don’t know who you are, bro.’

On the first moment they had to chirp at each other, Rodgers demanded respect but Ward was having none of it. HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ docuseries got everything on video and the result is a thrilling moment between these two. At a certain point during the second exchange, Rodgers kept repeating this phrase but it happened right after Rodgers threw that touchdown pass. After stepping off the field, the veteran QB was bragging about the phrase in an ‘excited dad’ moment. It is also a reminder that Rodgers remains one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and linebackers will have to step up their game if they don’t want to be embarassed by an old man.

Jihad Ward is already 29 but he showed some of his rookie tropes when facing one of the game’s legends who is still active. All we can say after watching this exchenge is that we are in for a treat with Aaron Rodgers playing for the New York Jets. The new NFL season is about to start with all the big names ready for action. Aaron Rodgers is all but one of the many great names that are gracing this league with their talents. Watching the veteran pin against some of the best defenders of the league and getting to see it up close is also a treat for all NFL fans. Let’s enjoy this start of the season as much as possible.

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